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Test your attitude: OPPORTUNITY IS NOWHERE

Attitude makes a big difference, particularly in our perception of situations. What does the headline say? You may read it as: "Opportunity is nowhere." On second thought, however, you will see that it also says "Opportunity is now here."

The message is disguised, of course, but it's still appropriate, because opportunity itself is usually not obvious.

It may come to you in the form of an unexpected assignment, or in a list of educational programs the company offers. There will be no red letters that spell out the word, but with a seeking attitude, you may find "opportunity" in many places.

We're all looking for it. Opportunity seekers may look around themselves and see it as if stamped on many things, like "fragile" on shipping cartons.

Actually, "fragile" should come before the word "opportunity." Like an idea, an opportunity is a fragile thing. Develop it, and you have something. Ignore it, or let nay-sayers tell you it's wrong for you, and the idea or the opportunity will die. Both are fragile.

It is in our perceptions of situations that most opportunities lie. To become an opportunity-seeker, you have to look at each process you are involved in (and some in which you are not involved).

Don't accept a process or procedure as being as good as it can get. There are opportunities for improvement everywhere. We just have to find them.



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