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Have you ever left a performance review thinking, My boss really has no idea what I do?

Maybe it's time to showcase your accomplishments by keeping a "Success File" to bring with you to such evaluations. Keep the following in the file:

Certificates of training.

A list of skills you bring to your job or have learned in the course of your job. (Have you learned the new publishing software? Do you regularly teach co-workers how to complete their expense reports? These things might not be in your job description, but they make you valuable.)

List of ideas contributed, problems solved, and any professional books and tapes you have read or listened to.

Any thank-you notes or letters of congratulation you've received.

A list of any workplace crises you have managed.

Whenever you learn or accomplish something new, don't wait to update your Success File. Record it before you forget.

Your Success File will be a great resource for your next resume -- and for boosting your self-esteem. (Look through it on those days when you feel you can't do anything right.) You might use it to justify a raise, a promotion, even your job in the event of a downsizing.



We put the SPECIAL in specialized service.

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