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Denis Waitley, speaker and co-author of The Joy of Working offers some suggestions on how to be happy on the job:

Wake up happy. If you start thinking positively early in the day, you're more likely to maintain a positive stance as your day progresses.

Start your day with positive self-talk. Say things like, "This will be a great day," "I'm going to take steps today that will move me closer to my goals."

Always greet your co-workers and your boss with a smile. A smile establishes your own self-worth and shares it with others.

Turn your dilemmas into opportunities. Come up with solutions to problems on the job as if you were advising one of your best friends.

Stay away from pity parties or gripe sessions. Surround yourself with people who enjoy their work.

View change as normal. Constantly monitor and evaluate your capacity to be flexible, open to new ideas, and adaptable to change.

Be persistent in visualizing your ultimate goals and dreams of achievement. Constantly practice positive self-talk and keep a positive attitude when times are tough and your perseverance needs bolstering.

Don't let trifles bother you. If the effort it takes to change something far exceeds its worth, forget it and learn to live with it.

Don't make too much of your mistakes. They are part of being human. Concentrate on the lessons to be learned.

Set your own standards rather than comparing yourself to others.

Start your improvement plan today. Successful people know that success starts right now.

Discover a sense of purpose. Knowing why you want what you want makes the difference between success and failure, happiness and unhappiness, joy and frustration.



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