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So You Can Be Absent Without Worry

In planning for your vacation this year, (in addition to calling Career Choices for one of our quality temps), don't forget to develop a "road map" of your desk to give the person filling in for you a basic understanding of where things are, the meaning of terminology specific to your position or company, and information on where to call to get help. Things to include are:

A general statement about what your company does and an organizational chart

Needs and expectations of the manager

A list of "how tos" (procedures for your computer, e-mail, voice mail, regular mail)

A list of lines that are to be answered at your desk, how they are to be answered, procedure for messages, and any other special instructions

A list of key employees in your office and their telephone extensions

A complete description of the process for naming and storing electronic documents and any necessary passwords

Procedures for determining priority of tasks and where they are placed

After taking these steps, you will be able to relax and go on your vacation without damaging your good image at work.



We put the SPECIAL in specialized service.

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