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You manage what you do, not time, in order to accomplish your goals.

The main resource you have for getting control over your own life is yourself. Therefore, pay less attention to the clock and more attention to yourself. Instead of futilely trying to manage time, manage yourself.

Here are some tips:

We read things through too many times. We read it, file it, go back to it. Never let paperwork go through your hands twice. Use the TRAF technique: Throw it away; Refer it; Act on it; or File it.

Do your thinking on paper. You will make quicker and better decisions if you write down the pros and cons of a line of action. This doesn't take time; it saves time!

Use a "slush" file -- have a specific place to put all papers which are not important enough to file permanently but which you feel uncomfortable about throwing away just yet.

Never put uncompleted activities from today at the top of tomorrow's "to do" list. You must reprioritize them.




We put the SPECIAL in specialized service.

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