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Having good people skills and getting along well with others can help you do your job well. Try the following to improve your workplace relationships:

Think of the other person's needs. Before you meet with a client, colleague, or boss, try to consider the way that person may be thinking about your proposal; present your solutions in a way that meets that person's needs, as well as yours.

Respect the other person's time. Whether you're meeting with your boss or a client, get to the point right away and be straightforward.

Treat everyone you work with like a client. It doesn't matter whether you're dealing with someone in the mailroom or a CEO, everyone you work with should be treated with kindness and respect.

Have an undefined job description. That is, never tell your boss that something you're asked to do "is not my job." Turning down a request for help from your boss because you think the task is someone else's job indicates a rigid attitude.

Be responsible for your work. If you tell your boss or one of your clients that a project will be done by Friday at 3:30 p.m., do everything you can to complete it by then.

Avoid office gossip. The best thing to do when you're at work and the conversation turns to gossip is to walk away.

Be responsible for your actions. Don't pass the buck when you foul up -- accept your responsibility and move on. Not accepting responsibility for a mistake is a sure way to make a bad situation worse.

Don't take people for granted. You must remember your regular clients are still spending money on your product and deserve the attention and respect they received when they first walked in your door.

Pick your battles. Don't get bent out of shape every time someone makes a mistake or remark at your expense. Bosses hate to resolve disputes between employees, so don't make a big deal out of every slight or bump in the road.



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