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Resumes have become a standard screening tool. The person who gets the job is not always the one who is most qualified, but the one who knows how to get the job. Don't let yourself be screened out by a poor resume.

A resume is a sophisticated marketing tool. It is an ADVERTISEMENT for YOU. You have only one chance to sell yourself with a resume -- the first time someone reads it. It takes less than a minute for a potential employer to scan a resume and decide whether or not to consider calling you for an interview.

All resumes should contain employment history, education, skills, accomplishments, and objectives.



  • be brief (one or two pages at most).

  • be well organized and uncluttered.

  • have an objective that targets the desired position.

  • contain accomplishments rather than duties.

  • use short statements rather than complete sentences.

  • list strongest statements at the top, working downward.

  • be professioal looking with no grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors.

  • always be sent with a cover letter.

Should Not:

  • use the word "I".

  • include hobbies or social interests unless they are relevant.

  • state reasons for leaving previous jobs. (Save that for the interview.)

  • list salary history or requirements even if asked. (But don't ignore the request, either. Instead, make a statement in your cover letter like, "Salary requirements will be provided if a mutual interest exists."

  • include erroneous information.

  • list references.

  • include personal information (age, weight, marital status, etc.)

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