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Temporary Placement

Who Works as a Temporary Employee?

People of all ages, economic and social backgrounds are employed by temporary services. Many temporary employees have not previously been part of the work force and are trying to gain experience in a chosen field. Others are re-entering the labor market after extended absences. People working as temporaries include teachers, students, parents of young children, and, increasingly, older workers, all of whom choose temporary work as a convenient way to supplement their income for short periods of time. Temporary employees are well educated, value the flexibility offered by temporary employment, and have gained new skills working as a temporary.


  • The potential for almost immediate employment at wages that are competitive.
    Once you have applied for work with Career Choices and have been evaluated, interviewed, and approved for hire, you are immediately eligible for assignments. Your rate of pay for each assignment is determined by the specific skill level required for the job, so you know you will always be paid fairly. Employees are never charged a fee of any kind.

  • A bridge to a permanent job.
    Many employers are selecting "temp-to-hire" arrangements when they want a permanent employee. It gives both the employer and the employee an opportunity to be sure the placement is satisfactory.

  • The opportunity to gain or improve work skills and experiences.
    Temporary assignments provide exposure to a great variety of expanding office technology giving the temporary employee valuable skills. Free training and other training is also avalible to qualified applicants.

  • Freedom and flexibility.
    You can earn money and sample the work style you think you want before committing to a specific career. You can accept only those assignments that suit your schedule. You have control over when and where you want to work.

  • Allows you to make an informed career choice by experiencing a variety of work settings and allows you to gain valuable training through flexible work schedules.
    You can get to know yourself and your career goals by working in a variety of temporary settings. You'll have an opportunity to understand more about what you want and don't want in a job.

  • Supplements your current income.
    College students, homemakers, teachers, engineers, and retired people work as temporaries to earn additional income.


At Career Choices we believe our temps are special. We establish a caring relationship where we listen and respond to the particular needs and desires of our temps.

Career Choices believes in placing only employees who closely match the particular requirements of the client. This assures that our employees will be comfortable in the positions in which they are placed knowing that they possess the skills they require.

At Career Choices our special screening helps determine the types of positions for which potential employees are qualified. These evaluations help the individuals hone in on the areas where improvement may be needed. Many of our temps qualify for free training in selected areas.

Those who are qualified as temporaries with Career Choices are paid between $8 and $13 per hour to start (depending on experience and qualifications).


Many people choose a position thinking "I'll find something better later." Or perhaps they can't afford to go without a salary while waiting for the position they would prefer. Soon they find that the only job experience they have gained is for a career they don't want! It doesn't have to happen to you.

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