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Career Choices is a locally-owned business providing top-quality temporary and permanent office/clerical employees. To keep ahead of the ever-changing business environment, Career Choices has linked office placement and training to provide a unique array of choices for the employer, the employee, and the unemployed, and has been serving the Reno-Sparks area since 1988.

Career Choices is founded on the principle of professionalism, and the owners of Career Choices have succeeded in integrating superior customer service with years of experience. With the owners' heavy involvement in the daily operations, you can be assured the pillar of quality stands strong.

The staff at Career Choices is comprised of individuals trained in specialized areas who come together to make a productive, professional team. Our dedication and teamwork are the key to giving you the exceptional service you deserve.

Career Choices was originally formed to meet the special needs of the legal community. Because of high demand, services have been expanded to include a much broader client base and a licensed office training center, which insures top-quality employees with top-quality skills. Career Choices has been a member of the American Staffing Association (ASA) and the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce for a number of years and was awarded the Chamber's "Excellence in Commerce" award in 1997.

Career Choices is licensed by the Nevada Commission on Post-secondary Education to offer classes and programs covering every aspect of the professional office, including computer training. Classes provide essential office skills in a minimum amount of time and are taught by experienced instructors with first-hand business knowledge.

This unique linking of office placement and office training provides employees who possess the most current skills for today's business environment.

Services of Career Choices include placement of employees to closely match the particular requirements of the client, prompt removal of unsatisfactory employees, quick response to placement orders, free training to temporaries who do not have the "exact" skills or equipment background as requested, and personal attention to special requests. A thorough check of previous employers is conducted prior to placement, and all employees are bonded.

The screening of employees consists of an initial interview and testing on QWIZ
-- a computerized program that allows for evaluation and enhancement of secretarial, data entry, and office automation skills. It also provides proficiency levels for a variety of office skills, (including letter form, typing, and 10-key speed) combined with statistical typing, data entry, and several of the most widely-used word processing and spreadsheet packages. Customized tests have been developed for grammar, math, filing, and vocabulary. This program also allows for testing of advanced Windows applications. For legal secretaries, screening also includes evaluations for legal transcription, legal typing speed, legal letter form (including spelling, punctuation, grammar, word usage, vocabulary and proofreading), and legal terminology.

Career Choices has developed a series of self-development workshops that enhance participants' skills in the areas of image improvement, workplace etiquette (including customer service), basic office skills and records management, interpersonal communication skills, and organizational skills. See Training for more information about these workshops.

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We put the SPECIAL in specialized service.

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