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Which one would you want when you need a temporary clerical employee?

At Career Choices we won't ever send you just a warm body!

If you need a qualified employee for overflow work, vacations, or sick days, and you haven't had good success with a temp service, try calling Career Choices, where you'll get much more than a warm body. We will become familiar with your company -- your operations, personnel, procedures, and special requirements. If we can't fill your order, we'll let you know immediately.


By utilizing the team of experts at Career Choices:

  • You can rest assured that the temps you receive will possess the skills you require and who will be productive immediately.

  • You will always receive friendly and prompt service when you call for a temp.

  • You will receive prompt follow-up, and we will stay in close communication with you.

  • You can be assured of complete satisfaction. In fact, it's guaranteed. If by some chance you are not completely satisfied with the temp you receive and notify us within the first eight hours, we won't charge you for those hours worked and will send you a prompt replacement.

At Career Choices we focus on quality and personal service. If that matters to you, contact us today.

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We put the SPECIAL in specialized service.

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